How To Make Relationships In The Sims Mobile

If you want to play The Sims Mobile perfectly, then you have to make new relationships in it. In the game you meet with many of new people in the face of Sims, it is your responsibility to choose the best way to introduce yourself in it.  If you want to learn the basics in the game, then take help from the guide. It is your responsibility to help your Sims to build more relationship to get more rewards.

Make more friends          

Always try to build a better relationship with other Sims and give more effort to make more friends of Sims.  If you want to use more options for the relationship, then tap on other sim and swipe them up. It is the best way to improve your performance.

Try to up your level.   

You can also upgrade the level of relationship of your Sims, and with it, you can make the relationship stronger. Here I am giving you more tips to make your story better.

  • First of all tap on that sim which you want to use for the relationship, tap at the socialize option when you select the Sims.
  • Choose the story which you want to use for the relationship.
  • You can also use the simcash for increasing the speed of actions in the game.
  • Always try to play the best events to up your level quickly.
  • In the romantic relationships, you can create the scene of marriage and babies.

Earn story rewards     

The amount of the rewards is based on the risk factor, and it is important for you to boost your confidence level in the game. You should make a unique story because the best story gives you more rewards in a better way.



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